What is Bet Regret?

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What is Bet Regret?

You know that feeling you get after you bet more than you'd planned to, even if that feeling only lasts a few minutes. That feeling has a name. It's called Bet Regret.

Maybe you've spent more than you'd planned.

Or maybe you're betting more, or for longer.

If you've felt anxious, guilty, or just uncomfortable after betting, listen to it.

Bet Regret. Don't let it lead to something bigger.

Tips to avoid Bet Regret

  • Limit how much and how often you gamble
  • Set money and time limits and stick to them
  • Leave your credit and debit cards at home
  • Don't mix gambling with heavy drinking or drugs
  • Gamble for entertainment, not because you need the money
  • Always know the odds and your chances of winning
  • Learn from past gambling experiences
  • Take breaks when gambling

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